Discover hundreds of active entertainment locations at your fingertips for one low monthly price. Get your family off their devices and start creating fun memories together.


to over 20² locations with your Funfull™ membership.

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Finally, there’s an easier way to discover fun things to do together in your own backyard.

Finding things to do with your family can be exhausting, especially when you are already maxed juggling work and taking care of your family…including your aging pet. Much less staying in touch with your book club.

Even when you’re able to muster the energy after working all week to search online and your favorite social media feeds to find something exciting to do together, it seems near impossible to get your kids out of the house after a long week of school. Add in entrance fees and tickets for the entire family, rentals for jump socks and skates, snacks and drinks…boom! You blew your “fun budget” for the entire month.

Even more impossible is finding affordable and exciting reasons to get your family off their devices and into having fun together.

Whether you’re looking for activities like bowling, trampoline parks, roller skating, indoor playgrounds for the little ones, or catching a movie with dozens of new active-entertainment opportunities being added monthly, we’ve got you covered.

The impossible is possible with Funfull.

Funfull™ is an unlimited access¹ membership for local entertainment activities that gives you hundreds of options for local recreational activities with our convenient, easy-to-use app, for an affordable monthly charge. For only $10 per month per person, activity-seeking members are enjoying over 70² Funfull™ locations, engaging in active-play, and fostering fun, happy memories.

With your easy and affordable Funfull™ membership, you can rest assured knowing you will.

  • Enjoy flat-rate active entertainment.
  • Spend less time playing online games or watching TV and more time enjoying active fun.
  • Get unlimited¹ access to over 20² locations.
  • Plus, special member pricing to movie theaters, axe throwing, martial arts, fitness centers, go-karts, tours, bike rentals, dance studios, state fairs, escape rooms, horseback riding, amusement parks, and more!

Funfull™ was launched in 2020 following unprecedented research that revealed excessive amounts of daily screen time has a negative impact on children and how they interact with their families. Funfull™ promotes active play through socialization with others while exercising their bodies and minds.

Discover why over 10,000² members are having lots of fun with Funfull™. Download the Funfull™ app on your mobile device and start creating happy memories together today!


to over 20² locations with your Funfull™ membership.



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What our members are saying

“Easy to use and hands down the best thing I've found for family fun...saved a lot of money using Funfull™ definitely pays for itself anytime you use it...I highly recommend ppl getting a membership...I literally glorify this app to all my friends and family LOL”

—Becky C.

”Hands down my favorite App and deal! $10 for unlimited trips to Altitude Trampoline Park and CoCo’s Funhouse makes this a no-brainer!“


Funfull™ members visited partner locations over 160,000² times last year!

With your Funfull™ membership, you have endless possibilities to explore, play, laugh and create memories that last a lifetime. You get access to over 20¹ locations that offer unlimited1 access and over 40² partner locations that offer special member discounts. That means you can visit many Funfull™ locations each day!

Unlimited Entry Locations include:

Discover even more ways to have fun together with exclusive Funfull™
special member pricing to other local activities including:

With new partner locations joining Funfull™ every month, it’s no surprise that so many families are becoming members. We know that affordability is a key factor when choosing activities for your family, especially when everything is costing more and more every day. That’s why our memberships are $10 per person, per month.

Download the Funfull™ app now to unlock access to endless fun in your own backyard!


to over 20² locations with your Funfull™ membership.



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App Features & Benefits

The Funfull™ app unlocks all the fun for you and your family until your heart’s content!

Add every member of your family or friends to your account for just $10 per person per month.

A complete list of all Funfull™ locations near you.

Check-in to a Funfull™ location.

Sign a waiver at a Partner location.

Allow a trusted friend or family to take your child for fun using your Funfull™ membership.

Buy and Send Gift Cards.

Become a member in minutes…

  • Visit the app store on your mobile device to download the Funfull™ App.
  • Click on ‘Get Started’.
  • Enter your phone number in the space provided and wait for the verification code to arrive via text.
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Add your first and last name.
  • At the right-hand of the screen touch the “hamburger” menu icon and select Upgrade Membership.
  • Choose FUN10, select yourself, and add a member if you would like.
  • Follow the payment instructions.

You now have instant access and offers to over 70² Funfull™ locations!


to over 20² locations with your Funfull™ membership.



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