About Us

Hey there, parents!

You know that tug-of-war battle we’ve all had, trying to pry kids (and us, too, let’s be real) away from screens? Well, that same struggle inspired our founder, Vishal Patel, a dedicated dad and a dreamer, to start Funfull.
As a serial entrepreneur with a diverse business background spanning entertainment, fitness & health, real estate, software and retail, Vishal loves a good challenge. After a series of successful exits from several of his businesses, Vishal was keen to focus on something that would create joyful memories for the whole family, while promoting an active lifestyle. And just like that, Funfull came to life!
Funfull provides unlimited or deeply discounted access to a wide range local entertainment options under one affordable monthly membership, and it’s more than just a membership – it’s a golden ticket to unlimited fun and lasting memories. And that’s not all. With a rapidly expanding network of partner locations, there’s something for everyone in the family.
Thanks to Funfull, they’re enjoying increased foot traffic and revenue growth
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