Local entertainment venues are teaming up in a novel revenue-sharing collaboration to raise everyone’s bottom line. Join them. 

Solving a Chronic Problem Plaguing the “Fun” Industry

As a parent and owner of successful entertainment venues, Vishal Patel saw the impact of families spending too much time on computer interfaces and too little time outside the home having fun. Instead of working together to grow the fun industry, entertainment venues were often fighting each other.
Now, thanks to Funfull, Vishal and his team are changing all that. Here’s how.

A No-Cost Opportunity to Power Fun Business Growth

Funfull gives consumers unlimited access to hundreds of fun industry venues through one affordable membership. The result: more frequent use of local entertainment venues – like yours – and less time on electronic devices. As a partner, you participate in a generous revenue-sharing program to increase your sales – including arcade, concession, and birthday party revenue. On top of all that, you gain revenue from people who accompany Funfull members and pay the walk-in price. You do all this while promoting a healthier lifestyle for families and helping to grow the fun industry.

Free Marketing for Your Fun Business

Funfull attracts members via high-impact advertising that includes television, search engine marketing, social media, and more. Equally important is the power of word-of-mouth (WoM): thus far, around 50% of our new members have joined Funfull through WoM. As a Funfull partner, we expose your fun business to consumers in your area at absolutely no cost to you. Our near-term plans include expansion into employee benefits, health insurance programs, nonprofits, and more. You get an important new revenue stream with no additional marketing expense and an exciting path forward for your fun business. 

A Netflix-Like Model Promotes Fun Industry Prosperity

Netflix prides itself on “endless entertainment for one low price.” It’s why the streaming service has more than 238 million users. With a similar consumer model, Funfull is making the fun industry more accessible to more families more often. With great local entertainment options at one low monthly price, Funfull democratizes fun – and makes entertainment venues like yours habitual. You see more traffic from more loyal customers who spend more. 

Funfull is Easy for Members – and for You

Funfull members get an easy-to-use app. Using our intuitive dashboard, you get a simple check-in process each time a member appears at your location – and a transparent reporting system. Partnering with Funfull costs your business nothing upfront and requires no lengthy commitments. Next to nothing is required of you to receive a check from us each month. It couldn’t be easier to grow your business with Funfull. 

Funfull Delivers Impressive Results for Fun Businesses

Trampoline Park

Ancillary Sales: +30% | Total Sales: +45%

Bowling Alley

Ancillary Sales: +54% | Total Sales: +25%

Play Center

Ancillary Sales: +45% | Total Sales: +87%

Skating Center

Ancillary Sales: +50% | Total Sales: +42%

Two Ways for Your Fun Business to Partner With Funfull 

Funfull offers two partner categories: Shared Revenue Membership Partnerships that integrate Funfull membership as an extension of your business, and Special Member Pricing Partnerships that enables you to leverage our high-impact marketing programs by offering your best advertised price to Funfull members. Book a free Funfull Discovery Call and discover the partner category that’s best for your business. 
Data provided by Funfull partners. References are available upon request. 

Funfull Produced 150,000+ Visits From 12,000+ Members in Maryland/Delaware’s Lower Eastern Shore in a Recent 12-Month Period 

Funfull Partnerships are Ideal for:

Amusement Parks


Bowling Centers

Inflatable Jump Venues

Miniature Golf Courses

Movie Theaters


Roller/Ice Skating Rinks

Trampoline Parks

Water Parks

Summing Up Funfull’s Game-Changing Advantages for Partners

As a Funfull partner, you get:

Strengthen Local Families, Your Business, and the Fun Industry

Together, let’s create more memories for more families while promoting a more active lifestyle, greater socialization, and improved mental health. At the same time, as a Funfull partner, grow your bottom line and strengthen the fun industry, for the ultimate win/win. See if your fun business qualifies as a Funfull partner.

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