“Happy memories are what creates healthy families and thriving communities

— Vishal Patel, Fun Founder of Funfull™

Created by parents for parents.

Like most parents today, the Funfull™ founder & resident dreamer, worries about the time his growing children spend on digital devices instead of participating in fun, social, active activities.

He thought there had to be a way to make active social fun popular and accessible again for all ages.

After finding success in the alcohol industry as a local business owner, Vishal decided to extend his entrepreneurial reach into a different industry focusing on socialization, and happy memories with family and friends. In 2012, Vishal opened Altitude Trampoline Park in Delmar, Maryland.

While serving millions of visitors at his own trampoline parks since 2012, he firsthand understood the value that the fun/entertainment industry provides to humans by providing the opportunity for children and families to get together and play, laugh, be active, and create happy memories. Vishal felt that if there were more opportunities for active-fun socialization, individuals might be encouraged to put down their phones and devices, even for a moment, and adopt healthier habits for their physical and mental well-being.

Also, being a serial entrepreneur in various industries, he noticed that as a whole the entertainment industry is not growing compared to other industries such as tech/food/retail. This was mostly due to a growing dependence on technology; smartphones, social media, streaming services, video games, and children who are easily fixated on screens. Not only has digital technology put a strain on this sector, but prolonged exposure to digital screens has also led to isolation, segmented families within the household, inactive lifestyles, and has been a primary causative factor in the growing mental health epidemic and increase in teen suicide.

Seeing the growing negative effects on both people and the fun industry, he decided to do something about it and find a way to make active social fun popular and accessible again for all ages. while engineering a structure where the fun/entertainment industry as a whole grows.

And so Funfull™ was conceived in 2020, providing unlimited access membership for local active entertainment for families who want endless activity options to play together on one convenient, easy-to-use app. The proof-of-concept was tested in his own backyard, Delmarva, Maryland. In just a few months, over 10,000 individual memberships were purchased with over 80,000 locals visiting participating active entertainment venues regularly.

By providing unlimited access to local active entertainment, Funfull™ is passionate about helping families and its individuals create lifelong happy memories together. With our easy-to-use, accessible app, our individual and family memberships, and by continuously adding new entertainment venues we provide a healthy alternative to electronic devices and substantially reduce the time spent on digital screens. With plans to open across North America and eventually throughout the world, Funfull™ is committed to improving the social, physical, and mental wellbeing of individuals and strengthening communities by supporting local businesses one community at a time.


to over 20² locations with your Funfull™ membership.



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